Demise Of The Headphone Socket?

Rumours have been circulating for several weeks now that Apple proposes to drop the 3.5mm headphone socket when it releases the iPhone 7 later this year. Reports seem to indicate that Apple wants consumers to use the lightning port to connect everything in order to make devices even thinner than they are already.

Is it just my way of thinking, or is it really the case that Apple changes something industry standard, then everyone else follows suit? Examples of the 30-pin connector, then the lightning connector, a Nano SIM card instead of the micro or standard types, the C port on new Macbooks, now the soon to be vanquished 3.5mm socket, all spring to mind. With all the thousands of brands of headphones out there, is Apple suggesting we all go and buy an additional adaptor so we can run our existing head gear on future iOS technology?

I bought a pair of wired Beats on-ear headphones from an Apple Store last year, and very pleased I am with them too. But if I purchase an iPhone in the future, Apple rumours appear to suggest I will need to buy an adaptor of some kind in order for my headphones to work, all because the technology giant has reportedly decided to dump the 3.5mm socket in favour of a thinner iPhone. Big deal! Is it really that important to favour depth over practicability? What happens if you go out, your iPhone runs low on battery, and you need to charge it on a battery pack using the only port available? How can you do that and listen to music at the same time unless your headphones are Bluetooth compatible?

It feels like a big money spinner to me. Consumers are either going to have to purchase Bluetooth headphones or adaptors to make them compatible, or a 3.5mm to lightning adaptor at the tune of anything up to £…? Even better, Apple would love you to purchase headphones that come with the lightning cable on them to the tune of £…?

Once Apple’s new idea catches on, other manufacturers, if they haven’t already, will jump on the bandwagon and follow suit. It makes me so mad! I wonder where customers fit into these ideas? I would say most people would prefer their phone to be a fraction thicker and retain the 3.5mm socket if it means they can wear their favourite headphones.

It is a bad move, and frankly gives me the pip! But it is currently supposition, nobody really knows other than the developers at Apple whether these persistent rumours are true. Let’s hope it never materialises, but I have a horrible feeling any new iOS devices released in the autumn onwards will be minus the 3.5mm socket we have come to know and love.