Brown’s Bargains Episode Eighteen

If you thought there was little tech around for your dog, then you are barking up the wrong tree! Here are some goodies for your furry friend that will give you paws for thought …

Guide Dogs collapsible blue travel bowl: £4.99, available from Guide Dogs Dogalogue shop,

This Guide Dogs exclusive travel bowl is a super convenient, portable bowl you can take anywhere.
This collapsible travel bowl is suitable for both food and water, and is great for cars, walks, beach trips, camping and more.
For dogs on the move, the bowl is a must have.
Dimensions: 16cm diameter

Scruffs Cool Mat: £29.00, available online only from

The Scruffs Cool Mat is designed to provide relief for your pet. Filled with a non-toxic gel the self-cooling mat will be typically 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. When in use , the mat will maintain its cooling properties for approximately one hour depending upon the environment. To reset the mats cooling properties simply leave unused for one hour, no need to freeze or refrigerate. To clean the mat simply wipe the cover with a cloth and soapy water, then rinse with clean water before use. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 1 x 69 x 92cm.

FURminator Deshedding Brush for larger dogs: £24.99, available online outlets such as Amazon

• Reduces shedding up to 90 %
• Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches deep beneath your dog’s short topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair
• Used and recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers
• FU rejector(TM) button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease

Brown’s Bargains Episode Seventeen

Mini-Wilson Rechargeable Recorder: £25.00, available from Computer Room Services, 01438 742286

The Mini Wilson™ rechargeable recorder is a digital voice recorder which resembles a credit card. It can be attached to a keychain and carried comfortably in your pocket or purse. The new version is feature rich and made from high-quality components with a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery.
Simply recharge the mini Wilson(TM) recorder from a USB connector on your computer or a USB adapter by using the included charging cable. A red LED will indicate when charging is complete. The mini Wilson(TM) can record for a total of one hour with no limit on the number of messages. Your messages will never be lost even when the battery is low.
The mini Wilson(TM) recorder is easy to control with only four buttons; Record, Pause, Play/Stop, and Delete. A beep tone and LED will tell you when recording is beginning and ending.

Multi-Memo Six-Minute Voice Recorder: product code: DH341, £15.95, available from RNIB, 0303 1239999

You can record 60 separate messages with a combined total length of 6 minutes. It’s compact size makes it ideal for shopping lists, recording phone numbers, addresses and important reminders. The brightly coloured tactile control buttons provide good contrast against the green casing. Messages can be played back one at a time.< Hi! Voice Recorder Fridge Magnet: £9.95, available from You can forget hurriedly trying to find a piece of paper and pen, writing a quick message and then frantically attempting to attach it to the fridge with some magnets that seem to have lost their ability to stick whenever you want to remember something or remind your husband/wife/flatmate/the dog to do an errand! Now you can say whatever you need into the Hi! Voice Recorder without ever needing to worry that people can’t read your hand writing. The Hi! Voice Recorder is a soft touch voice recorder which attaches to your fridge and at the touch of a button you can record a message which can then be listened to later on. It has a handy red light that pulses when there is an outstanding message and will alert whoever you live with to listen to your recording. You can record a message for up to 10 seconds. The Hi! Voice Recorder is a great way to stay organised and makes a great gift for that person in your life that has an annoying habit of forgetting your birthday or your Friday nights at the pub. Why not record a message first before you present them with their special gift as an added surprise! Product Features: • Made from silicone rubber • Magnetic • 10 second voice recording / playback • Please note: this item takes singular use batteries, and they are non-replaceable. Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.2 x 1 cm

Brown’s Bargains Episode Sixteen

Microwave Lunch Set: Product Code: DK149, £13.95

This set includes a microwaveable soup mug and a lunch box with two compartments and integrated cutlery in the lid. All items are BPA free, freezer proof and dishwasher safe

Microwave Multi Cooker And Steamer: Product Code: DK148, £14.95

This microwave multi cooker and steamer has a clear lid to see food cooking, a steaming basket and a base. Use the steaming basket as a strainer to make life easy. Dimensions: Height 170mm x Diameter 220mm Weight: 521g (1.2lbs) Freezer proof and dishwasher safe on the top rack. Warning: This product is for microwave use only and is not suitable for use on or under a direct heat source such as microwave grills, convection microwaves or conventional ovens and hobs

Microwave Cookware Set: Product Code: DK150, £22.95

This microwave cookware set includes a BPA free fish steamer, 2 BPA free egg cookers, a BPA free bacon rack and a 0.6litre saucepan with lid. All items are dishwasher safe on the top tack for easy cleaning.

All available at the RNIB Online Shop

Brown’s Bargains Episode Fifteen

Imagine There’s No Countries: MP3 or DAISY Audio book by Jonathan Mosen, $19.95. Running time just under two hours.

Want access to Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, the BBC with its audio described content, apps that are not available in your local iOS App store, coverage of your favourite international sports events, TV news channels from around the globe, and so much more? Do you have access to some of these services, but the price is higher or the content more restricted than it is somewhere else? Use your Internet the way it was intended, as a truly unrestricted global medium, and access what you want irrespective of where you live.

Getting Started With The iPhone And iOS 9, Anna Dresner, $24.99. Available in ASCII text, Braille, DAISY download, DAISY on USB drive, EBraille download, EBraille on USB drive, Electronic publication, Word file download, and Word file on USB drive.

This book contains everything you need for getting started with an iPhone, and even an iPod Touch. It is very comprehensive and useful for beginners and those with an advanced knowledge.

NV Access: Basic Training For NVDA, $30.00. Available as an Ebook, with Braille and audio versions to follow.

The official training material for NVDA covering concepts from getting started up to browsing the web and using object navigation (eBook, released 13 April 2016).
Whether you are a complete beginner, or a more advanced power user, this Ebook has it all.