About Me

Picture Of Jackie Outside Her House

Thank you for checking out my About Me page.

I am a wife, mum and published author. My hobbies include writing, studying, reading, music, some sport and politics. But most of all, I am passionate about using technology to help maintain a level of independence, and sharing information with others to assist them in its use as well.

I am totally blind and am happily married to Martin. We live in Maghera, Northern Ireland, with our German Shepherd retired guide dog, Bumble. I have a wonderful son from my previous marriage who lives in Scotland with his beautiful girlfriend and their two cats. Ian and Lisa are special people, and we visit one another whenever their work commitments permit.

My husband Martin is my rock. He comes from a truly wonderful family who treat me as their own, and I really couldn’t ask for more than the fantastic life I have living in Northern Ireland surrounded by such love and warmth.

I hope you will browse some of my reviews, and find the information helpful on an array of gadgets that are both specialist and mainstream.

In 2016, my first book, Braille On Display, was published. I was inspired to write about all the current Braille devices there were at that time. Some have gone, but there are plenty of new ones, so do check on my Reviews page if you like your Braille!

Over the years, I have volunteered for the Royal National Institute of Blind People, (RNIB,) Guide Dogs, British Wireless for the Blind Fund, (BWBF,) and the British Computer Association of the Blind, (BCAB.) These days, however, I keep busy with Open University study, a good audio book, and playing with my tech!

Thank you for reading. Enjoy the website.

Picture of Jackie's Guide Dog, Bumble