Brown’s Bargains Episode Thirty-Five

In the final Brown’s Bargains before Christmas, we look at reading subscriptions for those bookworms, or for that last-minute thoughtful gift.


Membership Plan
Audible Credits
1 Book Monthly Membership
1 credit per month
2 Book Monthly Membership
2 per month
12 Book Annual Membership
12 per year at time of enrollment
24 Book Annual Membership
24 per year at time of enrollment


Kindle Unlimited is a £7.99 per month service which allows you to tap into more than 650,000 titles, many of which have the audio companion to go with it. It allows you to download up to 10 Kindle books at a time, and read them across all your devices. If you try to add an eleventh book, you will be advised to remove one of your existing titles so you can download a new one. There is a 30-day trial, but remember to cancel this if you are not interested because Amazon will charge you for a subscription once that trial ends in the same way music streaming services work.


A text option of daily and local papers, plus a selection of magazines, costs £75.00 per year. These are available to read online, or sent by Email. The audio option of a digest version of papers and magazines is available for download or on CD and USB, and costs £75.00 per year. If you want both options, the total cost is £150.00 per year.

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