Brown’s Bargains Episode Thirty-Four

Whether you have children coming over Christmas, or you enjoy a good game with friends and family, here is just a taster…

Braille Shut The Box Game: £24.95, product code GB103, available from RNIB

The object of this fun game is to shut all nine numbers by rolling the dice. The numbered flaps are marked with braille and the game also includes tactile dice for blind or partially sighted players.

During each round, a player repeatedly throws the dice to “cover the tiles” of the box. The round ends when no tile can be covered on a throw and the player counts each successfully covered number as a point for his score.
The goal is to cover all numbers, that is, “shut the box”, which finishes that game. Play continues until each player has completed three rounds, at which time scores are compared and a winner is declared.

Large Print With Braille Playing Cards (in red or blue): £7.99, product code GC11R or GC11U, available from RNIB

Use your imagination and play on your own or with others with a pack of cards that have Braille markings and large print facings. Patience, Pontoon, Round The Clock, and Brag are all games you can enjoy!

Snakes and Ladders, £54.95, available from Cobolt Systems

A beautifully handmade wooden traditional family board game with embossed snakes and ladders. Each square has Braille numbering and the two pegs are shaped differently on top for ease of play. Comes complete with game instructions, a Braille die and a shaking cup. The board is 48cm square.

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