Brown’s Bargains Episode Thirty-Three

More goodies this week from Brown’s Bargains as the countdown to Christmas begins in earnest!

Acoustic Battery Tester: product code HA005, £34.95, available from RNIB

This battery tester will help you to find out the current charge of a battery or rechargeable battery through acoustic signals. You can test all conventional batteries. Easy to operate, simply put the battery on the corresponding contacts and you will get the result of the measurement immediately. With a slim, lightweight design it takes up little space and can easily be taken where required to test batteries.

This product includes two AAA batteries. Replacement AAA batteries are available from RNIB (product code 1 x BAT03).

Talking Colour Detector: £88.39, available from Amazon or Cobolt Systems Ltd

• Announces variations of colours i.e. dark, light
• Earphone for private use
• Fully talking product
• Three volume levels

Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, £24.99, available from Amazon or Cobolt Systems

• Specially designed for Blind and Visually Impaired
• Both inside and outside temperature can be announced
• Alarm can be set to alert of temperatures above or below a certain setting
• Announcements in a female voice

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