Brown’s Bargains Episode Thirty-Two

Everyone needs to label something at some point, and Brown’s Bargains this week went in search of some great ways to help you identify items around your home…

Pen Friend Two Labeller: £74.99, product code DL110, available from RNIB

Our best selling audio labeller! Label anything and everything -make audio labels by recording your own voice. This easy-to-use labelling device has tactile operating buttons in high contrast yellow.

– 4GB internal memory – expandable by SD card up to 16GB (not supplied)
– Supplied with 127 mixed size and coloured labels; small round, large round, large square yellow, large square orange. You also receive 3 magnetic recordable discs – ideal for use on tins.

Braille Labeller: £34.99, product code DL65, available from RNIB

Easy to use, hand-held labelling machine for producing braille labels, without needing a knowledge of braille. For use with 9mm and 12mm Dymo tape. (product codes DL104, DL105 and DL106 black) White dial shows alphabet in braille and black print. Produces uncontracted braille and some contractions. Lightweight design made from plastic.

Loc Dots (Clear): £2.79, product code DL16, available from RNIB

One sheet of six tactile dots. Each loc dot measures 9mm by 1mm deep and is transparent and colourless. Small, raised tactile dots to mark the keys on a computer or typewriter keyboard, central heating or hi-fi controls.

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